About Us

ASYA MOLD has worked in the plastic mold industry since 1950. Our production facility, which is located in Istanbul Bayrampasa, is well-equipped and keeps up with modern technology. We also use cutting-edge methods to create zamak, bakelite, and metal-aluminum molds in addition to plastic molds. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for our business,


ASYA MOLD, which produces molds cost-effectively, responsibly, quickly, and without compromising on quality.
We also have a production area for plastic injection. Our injection track has a total of 20 machines with weights ranging from 90 tons to 600 tons. In addition to creating our own molds, we also contract-manufacture products using industry molds.
Since its foundation, ASYA MOLD has been effectively providing its local and international customers, having a thorough understanding of all duties in product and mold design, development, mold and product manufacture, repair maintenance, and revision works.

Asia Plastic Mold

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Asia Plastic Mold

Our Mission

To serve our clients as a firm that does not compromise on quality in order to produce in a sustainable and cost-effective manner in accordance with the sector’s needs

Asia Plastic Mold

Our Vision

Our objective is to grow as a firm that keeps up with the technology age while also raising quality standards. Asya Roller and Asya Mold continue to serve the construction, food, and automotive industries today by combining our historical knowledge with modern technologies.

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